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A week after being delayed on the take-off of his Transcontinental flight and Michael Combs is at peace knowing that all things are moving to their appointed place. Recorded at the US Aviation hangar on the day before the flight that will take Hope One to Carlsbad, CA...Michael shares the events of the week, and one of the greatest lessons that he has learned from The Flight for the Human Spirit.


It took nearly two years of planning, practice and preperation, but Hope One is now flying onward to Carlsbad, CA where we will stage for a Transcontinental Flight that begins on Saturday.

This podcast is from the night before departure and brings you the latest statistics from this incredible project that has inspired more than 26 million people.


Throughout the world, we have adopted a philosphy of creating and producing products and services that are just "Good Enough." As consumers, we are getting used to spending our money on cheap and simple items and as employees and citizens we are conforming to just giving the bare minimums that equal "Good Enough".

Our economies are failing, and our true potential is being shut out.

How high can you fly?

How far can you go...if you let yourself soar?


After flying over 25,000 miles into 49 states and 159 airports...everyone was curious as to how the REMOS Light Sport Aircraft held up.

In this episode, pilot Michael Combs discusses the status of The Flight for the Human Spirit as well as his impressions of the Sun n Fun Airshow.

Recorded from Meridian, MS...Michael is awaiting a strong storm system to pass before he returns to his home base for several speaking engagements. So was the REMOS a good choice for an endurance flight? Listen in and find out.


One of the common questions that Michael Combs has been asked as he has traveled across the country in a Remos Light Sport Aircraft: "Is Mission Control really real?"

Yes...it is!

Michael's son Steve has devoted much of his time throughout The Flight for the Human Spirit to taking on the various tasks of Mission Control from Monitoring Weather, Tracking the progress of The Flight, and issuing a "Go/No Go" status. It is a position that carries a large level of responsibilities, but also a comes with many rewards.

But what does Steve fly on a day to day basis? Find out in this interesting episode!


By popular request, here is the episode that you've been waiting for! Michael Combs and Bob Warner discuss the adventure of flying over the Canadian wilderness in a Remos Light Sport Aircraft.

The weather was "unsettled" according to the forecasters, and the risks were great as the two began their flight day from Boeing Field in Seattle, WA. The route led them to Vancouver, then onward to Kamploops and Prince George, British Columbia.

Imagine just what it is like listening to an airline attempting to land in heavy winds at an airport that you are heading toward...or deciding to leave the safest route to fly over some of the most rugged country found on earth. It all happened on The Flight for the Human Spirit.

This is history in the making and certainly will become a collector's edition as you listen to the actual words and experiences of these two pilots.


The Flight for the Human Spirit has succeeded at flying further than around the world! This history making flight has taken much dedication as well as the heart and soul of Michael and Michele Combs as they put everything on the line to encourage more than 20 million people to follow their own dreams and make them into a reality.

In this episode Michael and Michele bring you up to date on the last scheduled days of the route since departing from Seattle, and bringing Hope One to Lake Havasu for an Air Show and speaking event. They are driving from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Las Vegas in the Mojave Desert in a rented Nissan Versa on thier way back home the next day via a commercial flight.

During this episode they are surrounded by European motorcyclists, who may be fans of The Flight for the Human Spirit...or simply may be trying to help the Nissan get better highway mileage.


The Flight for the Human Spirit has made it safely to Alaska and back to the "lower 48." Canadians appreciated the message behind The Flight and that they were included in a piece of aviation history.

Bob and Michael experienced adventure, grandeur, and a lesson in patience as they waited for the weather to clear. The amazing part of this portion of The Flight is that a westerly route opened up and saved many days of waiting for the primary route to become clear.

Listen in as we hear about the flying conditions and how good it feels to see the end of this amazing journey approaching.


California is now behind the tail of Hope One and the route has been changed to head into Canada as soon as possible.

Michael has announced Bob Warner as the member of the Flight Crew who will accompany him through Canada and Alaska. The Canadian government does not recognize the Sport Pilot's License so Bob will serve as the Pilot in Command. The journey will take more than 1,200 nautical miles and three flying days to reach Juneau which will be the Alaska stop. Upon reaching Juneau, they will return along the same route.

In this episode Michael discusses the flight legs from San Diego to Eugene, OR. Why was San Diego a spiritual stop for Michael? Find out by listening to this episode.


The Flight for the Human Spirit has reached the West Coast!

In this episode, Michael Combs describes how The Flight progressed from Salt Lake City to San Diego, CA. He has now finished covering the hot desert regions of the Southwest and is now heading northward on a trek that will end in Alaska within the next few weeks.

San Diego was a place that had a profound impact on helping Michael to improve his mental outlook and gain greater health that eventually led to the concept of this flight.

Now as he returns for the first time in nearly seven years, he is moved to reach out and help as many as he can to encourage millions of others to follow their dreams, and to live their lives with no regrets.

Today is the day to begin following your dreams, and to live your life with passion!


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